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About us?

Kingdom Song is a Musical Learning and Development Center focused on providing tools to children, youth, adults and their families for their comprehensive development through Music.

We have two lines of service: 1. Cultural Management Projects with an emphasis on Music. 2. Musical Training School with programs in English and Spanish. 

We believe that ALL children, youth and adults can learn music and use this practice as a strengthening tool in all areas of development. We offer Music, Art and Dance programs with pioneering methods and methodologies worldwide. 

We believe that God has gifted our students with unique abilities that need to be enhanced and that music is a wonderful set of tools that will help them do so. 

We have alliances with Kindergartens, Companies, Academies and Child Development Centers that we serve through our programs.

We are passionate about serving our students and their families through music.


  • Make known the love of Jesus through our work.

  • Provide musical education with the highest quality that develops the maximum potential of our students and that projects them to higher education programs within an uplifting environment.

  • Manage cultural projects through Music that positively impact and build children, young people and their families.


Kingdom Song will be a pioneer Musical Learning and Development Center in the Americas that will promote the Integral growth of children and their families through  the best programs worldwide with the highest quality.

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